Big Cat Mini Cat XL500

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Big Cat Mini Cat XL500
��The hype has been all around the Fat bikes. There is no doubt about it that they will continue to grow in popularity. They are perfect for almost any kind of terrain! Imagine yourself cruising on the sand at the beach, on the boardwalk, on dirt trails, zipping through light mud, pavement, and did we mention snow and ice? Venture down new paths you never thought were possible and get out of your regular riding routine. The 2017 Big Cat �� Mini Cat is a smaller version of the Fat Cat XL, which offers an efficient yet powerful Bafang 500W geared rear hub motor that is powered by a 48V12Ah lithium ion battery. The results? riders can expect to reach speeds of up to 20mph while getting an average of 15-25miles on a single charge.
The smaller aluminum frame is ideal for riders who are shorter but can also accommodate riders that are over 6ft tall. That is made possible with an adjustable handlebar and seat post. The smaller frame is also perfect for riders who prefer something smaller that would be easier to haul around during camping trips, trips to the beach, or storing it in a small apartment. With a disc brake set up of 180mm, you'll be sure to bring this e bike to a full stop with no problem. The rubber is a 20x4" that is smaller, which makes it easier for storage and travel, but still gives you the ability to go anywhere a 26" tire would.
The 2016 Big Cat �� Mini Cat is also equipped with a Bafag C961 LCD display/controller. This display allows riders to get readings of battery life, total distance traveled, time, assist level, speed, and trip distance. The Bafang C961 gives riders the ability to unleash the full potential of the Big Cat Minicat with a pedal assist option between 1-9 different levels. The higher the level, the more assistance you'll get from the motor. If you're in a crowded area you can turn the assistance level down or set a speed restriction to avoid and collisions.

Frame size
Frame Finish
Matte Black, Lime Green
180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes F/R
20��4��_ Fat Tire
Aluminum-Alloy 36 spoke
Shimano 6 Gear Tourney SiS Index
Battery Volts / Amps
Lithium-Ion 48V12Ah